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19 Mar 2013 in Film, Highland

So our Music Season draws to a close with a screening of Mike Leigh’s Topsy Turvy – a gem of a film that follows the legendary composer Arthur Sullivan and librettist Gilbert and their company as they create and stage The Mikado. This is a lovely light hearted film with beautiful music, so come join us at the Stables on the 23rd March and help us end the season with style and learn what is on the books for our next Season: Love and Heartbreak…..

As the film is slightly longer we will start the screening at 7:30 pm.

Tickets £5, free for members.


CRFS 2013-14 Membership

Always wanted to be part of the cool group? Run with the wild ones? Party with the 24 hour people? Then membership in the Cromarty and Resolis Film Society is for you! Seriously.

The CRFS is an entirely volunteer run Society which exists to celebrate and share film on the Black Isle and we put on 10 regular screenings a year along with the annual Festival in December. We try to programme a mix of films including classics, foreign, recent favourites and cults. We love film and would love to share even more, the challenge as always is money. Every screening we put on costs approximately £150 and we want as many people to be able to enjoy film as possible so are committed to keeping our ticket prices low. That’s why membership is so critical to us as that way we have a commitment and know we won’t go bankrupt half way through the season.

A year’s membership costs just £50 for individuals and £70 for a family and can be paid annual or monthly.

In addition to free attendance at our regular screenings, Members will have priority access to Festival tickets. To reward our loyal members we will be giving you the chance to buy tickets to all events on a first come first serve basis before the box office opens to the general public.

We recognise that we have keen film supporters who don’t live close enough to take advantage of our regular screenings and therefore are also offering a ‘Friend of the Fest’ membership which will also give priority access to Fest tickets on the basis outlined above.

So dig deep and support the celebration of film!

See our website for a membership form.

Source: Cromarty Film Society