After 10 years of publication, 'Northings' (the monthly arts e-magazine for the Highlands & Islands) closed down in 2013 and is archived here. High Life Highland is pleased to enable this extensive body of work to remain accessible to the public. Please note, though, that material will not be updated or added.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is is the Arts magazine and social network for the Highlands & Islands of Scotland.  For more information please read our ‘About’ page.

Why do I have to sign up for

You don’t have to sign up. You can access without becoming a member, this will allow you to read and comment on all articles and features posted to the site, but comments will require moderation before they go live.

As a member you have the opportunity to make friends and interact with other members through private messaging.

As a member you will also receive email updates alerting you when someone has responded to any comments you have posted.

How do I sign up for

You can sign up to by clicking on ‘Log In’ at the top right hand corner of the home page. By clicking on the ‘Register’ button you can then create a profile for yourself, upload an avatar and start engaging with the community. When you register, will send you a confirmation email.  You will need to follow the link in this confirmation email before your account becomes active. N.B – please check your SPAM folder if you don’t receive a confirmation email in your Inbox shortly after signing up.

Why do I have to create a Profile?

Your Profile will enable other members to know who you are, what organisation or group you represent or work for and where you are based. You can add as much or as little personal information about yourself in ‘Interests and Information’ as you would like.

What is an Avatar?

An Avatar is an icon or image that you can upload to be used to represent you on your Profile.

How can I change my Avatar?

You can change or update your Avatar by accessing your members account, and clicking on ‘Profile’ from the tabs available. There you will see an option to ‘Change Avatar’.

What happens when someone clicks on my Profile?

Any visitor to the site can view member’s profiles; they will be able to see your recent activity on the site, for instance your recent comments and engagement with other Northings members. Your messages to other Northings members will be completely private and not accessible to visitors or other members.

How can I change/update my Profile details?

When you have logged into click on ‘My Account’ at the top right hand corner of the home page. Within this panel you can select ‘Edit my Profile’ to change or update any of your details.

I’ve lost my Password.  What do I do?

Click the “Log In” tab at the top right of the web page.  In the drop-down, you will see a section headed “Forgot your Password?”.  You can enter either your email address or your account name here, and we will send you a new password.

How can I change my Password?

Log into and click on the “My Account” drop-down menu at the top of the screen.  Then click on “Edit my Profile”.  Select ‘Settings’ from the tabs available to you on this screen – it is here that you can change your password.  Make sure you save any changes you make to your profile before exiting your profile page.

Someone wants to be my Friend, what does that mean? is an interactive social network as well as an online Arts magazine. Adding Friends on allows you to interact with other members through private messaging.

How can I meet new Friends?

You can meet new friends in a number of ways. By clicking on ‘My Account’ at the top right hand corner of the homepage, within the panel there is a link to ‘Meet New Friends’. This will take you to the Community Directory, where you can request to be Friends with any member.

Alternatively you can click on the tab ‘Members’ which will take you to the member’s directory as well.

Someone I don’t know has asked to be my Friend at  What should I do?

Whilst we do everything in our power to secure the Northings website from Spammers and other undesirable users, in rare cases people sign up to in order to spread Spam messages. One way of doing this is to befriend users on the system, and then sending Spam adverts. As with any Social Networking site, we recommend that you exercise caution about who you invite into your circle of Friends. If in doubt, check out the user’s “Profile” page at to ensure they are a legitimate user of the site. Rest assured that, so long as you do not add a Spammer as a Friend at, they are blocked from sending you any direct messages.

Another member of is posting inappropriate comments to the site. What should I do?

All posts and comments on the website from first time users are held for moderation before they appear on the website. However, in some cases you may find a comment or post on the website that you feel is inappropriate.  If you do, click the “Flag this as inappropriate” link next to the content. Our editors and moderators will be informed and take a decision whether to remove the content in question.

What are @membersname mentions?

‘Mentions’ are a way in which the community can link directly to your members profile in a comment or post.

How can I ‘Mention’ someone?

You can create a mention by adding the ‘at’ symbol (@) before the start of the members username.

How can I write for

If you are a writer and are interested in contributing Features or Reviews to, please contact our editor, Kenny Mathieson.

How can I start my own Blog?

Northings Blogs are not open to members, but are at the invitation of the editor.

Update 16 May 2012