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11 Apr 2013 in Festival, Music

Over the weekend of August 31st & September 1st 2013 amaSing will bring you an interactive, acousticsong festival. It will take place in Strathpeffer, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

The festival will showcase scottish talent and will feature guest appearances by musical artists from around the world. We anticipate an attendance of 1000 visitors over the weekend.  Interactive workshops will enhance the entertainment by providing:

musical workshops

expert master classes

engaging performances

a composition competition

This festival is the final highlight of an ongoing social project which seeks to bring music to remote Scottish communities and whose goal is to combat social issues stemming from remoteness and boredom in rural areas today.

My team and I work with young people (16-24) from different communities in the Scottish Highlands to empower them through musical expression.

The use of video-conferencing technology throughout the project and festival will integrate local communities into a wider global musical network.

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message from the amaSing founder – Emily Scott

I am Emily, a Scot, music graduate, singer & composer.

I founded amaSing because I believe that everyone deserves to be engaged in music, regardless of location.

This festival will be the first of its kind! my goal is to establish a transferrable model for it to be organised regularly for a long-term positive impact on rural communities.

This project is my dream and I am devoting all my time, day and night, to make it happen.

Your support is invaluable to me:

connect me to artists who would be interested in performing at the festival.

promote the festival through your network.

donate online –

Another long-term project is the development of a multi-sensory music software to encourage song memorisation.

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