Bodysurf Scotland double bill at Findhorn this weekend

12 Apr 2013 in Dance & Drama, Moray

Bodysurf Scotland presents:

This Saturday 13th April

Two Unmissable shows


The Universal Hall, Findhorn

Liz Aggiss 7pm

Survival Tactics is a 55-minute solo live work. From a glamorous, blonde bombshell in high-heels to a pigeon toed, bow legged, oddball in big pants – Survival Tactics upturns the usual perception of the female stage body on its head.

Unashamedly intelligent, yet executed with vaudeville humour, Survival Tactics is abrasive and charming… the political and the aesthetic, bursting into dance and questioning what it means to survive as an artist. ” Gareth K Vile. The Skinny

Wendy Houstoun 9pm

50 ACTS is a spirited retaliation against ageism and other modern rubbish involving Manifestos, Random Acts, Small dances and Big Ideas, Ghostly appearances, Invisibility, Stupidity, and Much, Much More.

“Wendy Houston’s 50 Acts is a careering journey through the irritations and pettifoggery that plague our lives. …, Houston is an unpredictable ball of energy hurtling about the stage, verbally parsing her movements as she does so. Revolving around the central theme of ageism, the piece is a cacophony of references to the bureaucracies and absurdities of modernity.”

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