Exhibitions at An Tobar

17 Apr 2013 in Argyll & the Islands, Visual Arts & Crafts

In Gallery I – Fred Schley

3rd May – 28th June 2013

Opening Night 2nd May 6-8pm

Fred Schley speaks to us through the subtle settling of the light – its colour and its shadows – on the colossal and mysterious animistic creatures,

as mountains and rocks transformed and interpreted by his interior world, appear to us.

From; The Visible and Hidden Presence in the Work of Fred Schley, By Lidia Palumbi


In Gallery II – Sam Jones


An Exhibition of Monochrome Landscape Photography of the Isle of Mull

3rd May – 28th June 2013

Opening Night 2nd May 6-8pm


Who possesses this landscape? –

The man who bought it or

I who am possessed by it?

False questions, for

this landscape is


and intractable in any terms

that are human.

It is docile only to the weather

and its indefatigable lieutenants –

wind, water and frost.

From A Man in Assynt, Norman MacCaig

Everyone is welcome to attend the opening night, refreshments will be served.

Source: An Tobar