After 10 years of publication, 'Northings' (the monthly arts e-magazine for the Highlands & Islands) closed down in 2013 and is archived here. High Life Highland is pleased to enable this extensive body of work to remain accessible to the public. Please note, though, that material will not be updated or added.

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Northings Podcast 17: Kenneth White Geopoetics Lecture 2

20 Oct 2012 in Highland, Podcast

In 2005, KENNETH WHITE delivered a series of three lectures on the Geopoetics project in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. The second ‘Return to the Territory’, was delivered at Inverness on 30 October 2005.

Lacking in Culture?

20 May 2011 in Blogs, General, Robert Livingston Blog

Back in 2003, when controversy was raging about the proposed transfer of the HQ of Scottish Natural Heritage from Edinburgh to Inverness, it was said that some SNH employees were objecting to the move on the grounds of the lack of culture in Scotland’s newest city. Well, that’s a charge that would be hard to […]

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Review by John Burns

Ed Byrne

29 Apr 2011 in Dance & Drama, Highland, Reviews, Showcase

Comedian Ed Byrne

Inverness Leisure Centre, Inverness, 28 April 2011.

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Blog by Sian Jamieson

This is it. This is Craft.

22 Jun 2010 in Audience Development Blog, Blogs, General

In recent years contemporary craft makers have been challenging our perceptions of what craft is, pushing the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship and emerging to represent a new, innovative and exciting artform. Jenny Deschenes, Laura West, Lucy Woodley and Daniel Kavanagh, four makers from across the Highlands and Islands, demonstrate in their joint exhibition Made It! the ingenuity, passion and creativity that contemporary craft is today.

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Blog by Sian Jamieson

A Tour of Scotland: Inverness

12 Apr 2010 in Audience Development Blog, Blogs

The first workshop is done and a new community emerges!

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Blog by Sian Jamieson


14 Oct 2009 in Audience Development Blog, Blogs, General

IMAG – The Inverness Museum and Art Gallery is located at the top of a steep hill in the heart of Inverness’s high street. Set behind a large, 1970’s design monstrosity, when you do make it up to the top of the hill, you’ll find a beautifully modern entrace, and usually some locally commissioned art on the walls ahead […]

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Editorial by Kenny Mathieson

Reasons To Be Cheerful

1 Sep 2009 in Editorial

THE SUMMER may be wearing on, but there is still plenty going around the area. The Blas Festival takes pride of place this month, with Blair Douglas’s much anticipated Gaelic Mass heading a busy programme.

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Matt Baker & Susan Christie – Reviving Inverness Old Town

2 Dec 2008 in Features, Highland, Visual Arts & Crafts

Three Virtues by Night (photo - Ewen Weatherspoon)

MATT BAKER and SUSAN CHRISTIE update Northings on the final phase of the Inverness Old Town Art (IOTA) project.