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Whaar is da snaa o fernyear?

10 Apr 2012 in Blogs, Robert Livingston Blog

We spent part of the Easter weekend in Ullapool and, even if there hadn’t been a persistent drizzle of that fine rain that soaks you to the skin, we’d certainly have visited, as we always do, the village’s two excellent—and complementary–bookshops, the Ullapool Bookshop and the Ceilidh Place Bookshop. I firmly believe that the great […]

Omnivores and Gluttons

12 Apr 2011 in Blogs, General, Robert Livingston Blog

Hi, I’m Robert, and I’m a cultural omnivore. There is, I fear, no cure. I came across this useful term recently on an American website .  Cultural Omnivores, it seems, are those who regularly participate in a wide range of cultural activities, making little distinction been ‘high’ and ‘low ‘culture. Cultural Omnivorism is associated with […]