From sunnier climes

26 Apr 2010 in Audience Development Blog, General

How jealous am I, my sister and fabulous photographer, Ashley-Liv Jamieson, is currently sunning herself over in the United Arab of Emirates! With temperatures of 27 degrees + already, it’s a totally different world when the sun and heat dominate your day, as opposed to the internal debate I have in the morning as to whether to take the waterproof or not to take the waterproof. 

Mosque, Dubai, Ashley-Liv Jamieson (c)

Mosque, Dubai, Ashley-Liv Jamieson (c)

At the moment my globe trekking sibling is exploring Dubai, one of the most opulent and glam cities I have ever been, to see for herself if there are any great art opportunities out there. Ashley’s been a photographer since she was about 8 years old, my parents embraced her early interest by giving over their old film cameras, and she was let loose with lens in hand. After being accepted into the Edinburgh College of Art, and studying sculpture, her passion for photography, while never forgotten, was somewhat misdirected by the powers that be at the ECA. So she took off on her own, art afterall is subjective and in my mind can’t be determined by teachers and tutors. Ashley took the brave step of leaving the big lights of ECA and took a college photography course for 2 years. In these 2 years I saw someone with a passion for photography emerge as a professionally minded and hugely talented photographer (of course I am biased but see for yourself).   

But like so many artists and photographers competition was harsh and jobs scarce. Given the economic climate or perhaps the increased popularity of art, I can only imagine that Ashley’s story is so like other emerging artists in Scotland. But Ash, never one to be afraid of a challenge, decided to buck the trend and find out what the world might offer. 

Dubai’s art scene apparently is growing at an exponential rate, but the quality of this art remains to be seen just yet. If you, like me, are interested in what Ashley will uncover out in the UAE, then follow her travel blog. Who knows maybe she’ll unearth a new artistic movement unique to the Arabic world, maybe she’ll find that life in the glitz and glamour is not all it’s made out to be, maybe she’ll start a new life in a new world of possibilities. Only time will tell.