After 10 years of publication, 'Northings' (the monthly arts e-magazine for the Highlands & Islands) closed down in 2013 and is archived here. High Life Highland is pleased to enable this extensive body of work to remain accessible to the public. Please note, though, that material will not be updated or added.


Northings is home to a range of lively blogs, from individuals involved in the arts and culture across the Highlands and Islands, including members of the HI~Arts team. From Caithness to Eigg, from poetry and storytelling to audience data and marketing tools, there’s always something fresh to discover.

Is Beauty Useful?

25 Mar 2012 in Artforms, Blogs, Music, Robert Livingston Blog

Last Saturday we went through to Nairn to hear Joanna MacGregor play Bach’s Goldberg Variations. It was revelatory. Bach fanatic though I am, I’d never really managed to properly engage with this hour-long display of compositional and keyboard virtuosity. MacGregor’s performance made me understand why: too many players approach the work with reverence. MacGregor grabbed […]

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Social Media: Some Helpful Advice

21 Mar 2012 in Audience Development Blog, Blogs

Social Media and Social Networking is not only becoming an essential way of marketing and promoting but also for networking and raising awareness of your online profile. However, there is still alot of concerns and fear around using social media. So I’ve pulled together all the information that I have to hand that has helped […]

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Blog by Sian Jamieson

What do you know about your audience?

20 Feb 2012 in Artforms, Audience Development Blog, Blogs, Dance & Drama, Festival, Film, Gaelic, Heritage, Music, Visual Arts & Crafts, Writing

My name is Sian and I like to hoard information. Often or not people are surprised at how excited I get about statistics, data and research information. It’s a genuine excitement as well, I often refer to myself as a bit of an information geek. The reason why I love cold hard statistical evidence is […]

Marketing at the Right Price Point

15 Feb 2012 in Aberdeen City & Shire, Argyll & the Islands, Crafts Blog, Highland, Moray, Orkney, Outer Hebrides, Shetland, Visual Arts & Crafts

I was reading an interesting article in Gift Focus Magazine recently about getting the price point right for your creations. Gift Focus is a gift ware trade magazine sent to retailers throughout the UK. In the first edition of 2012, an ‘Industry Insight’ article was focused on getting the right price point for your goods. […]

Lost in Wax, Glass and Bones

11 Feb 2012 in Artforms, Crafts Blog, Highland, Visual Arts & Crafts

New work, an upcoming solo exhibition at a British glass museum and an illustrated description of lost wax casting with rubber moulds.

Grumpy in Glasgow

6 Feb 2012 in Blogs, General, Robert Livingston Blog

Forget policemen and doctors, you really know you’re getting old when some of the regular contributors to ‘Grumpy Old Men’ are younger than you are. My home town of Glasgow regularly brings out my inner grumpiness. I spent most of the first half of my life there, but I haven’t lived in the city since […]

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Crowdfunding: A New Fundraising Approach

3 Feb 2012 in Artforms, Audience Development Blog, Blogs, Regions

‘It was the revolutionary fundraising model that swept Barack Obama to power – and it could help arts bodies in Britain stay in business.’ Are you constantly looking for the right funding route but coming up empty handed? Are you looking for alternative routes to fund your project that doesn’t rely on public bodies? Would […]

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Cultural Engagement is on the Agenda

16 Dec 2011 in Artforms, Audience Development Blog, Blogs

The Scottish Government published its new National Performance Indicators this year, which are designed to measure progress towards the achievement of the Government’s purpose and national outcomes. 16 new outcomes were identified to deliver sustainable economic growth, of which Cultural Engagement is one. This is encouarging for the Cultural and Creative sector, as it enables us […]

Living in a Heissenberg World

2 Nov 2011 in Blogs, General, Robert Livingston Blog

I love the serendipity of libraries. In the past few weeks, browsing in Inverness library, I’ve come across two fascinating books which I wouldn’t otherwise have read, for the simple reason that they are so lavish and costly that it’s unlikely I’d ever have bought them. And both are books which set out to deliver […]

Craft overload?

6 Oct 2011 in Crafts Blog, Visual Arts & Crafts

September has been so jam packed with events, I felt it best to chart them from the beginning and work my way through! From Skye to London via Inverness, I have seen work that has ranged from community knitting to dresses made from 20,000 pins, from exquisitely crafted jewellery to automata made from scrap. Starting […]

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