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Alice Strange


Argyll and the Islands

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"constantly in a state of becoming"
Bob Dylan

I’m influenced by everything I see, hear, do …. I just keep trying stuff, constantly seeking the “that’s it!” moment, when an image captures a thought or experience. I choose the medium to suit the message, mostly linocut & screenprint, but also mosaic, collage, textile, assemblage & paint.

My studio is open to visitors while I’m working, usually 11am-ish-6pm-ish daily, sometimes earlier, often later. Sometimes I’m not here at all, when the hills or the islands or the bright lights of Glasgow call …. telephone for an appointment if you want to be sure I’m home on a particular day – 01631 569 773. Look for the white cottage, mosaics and knitted lampost ….. By foot: walk up or down the pedestrianised part of Craigard Road. By car: drive to the end of Dalriach Road. Access via steps and gravel, so unsuitable for wheelchairs.